Astropolitics Professional Development Course Available Online Now: by "the Man who Wrote the Book!"

January 18, 2020


The Astropolitics Professional Development Course provides a comprehensive analysis of civil, commercial, private, and military space activities in the United States and worldwide addressing historical, strategic, political, bureaucratic, organizational, environmental, legal, economic, commercial, and business factors. This three-day course is based on lectures and discussions led by Eligar Sadeh, Ph.D., including reading materials of relevant articles and publications.

In-depth explorations of case studies are addressed as well in this course. Case studies are tailored to meet specific interests. Examples include: space and global environmental change; space governance and sustainable uses of space; international and national space law; space commerce and privatization of space activities; international space cooperation; space power and militarization of space; and program and project management of space activities.

Astropolitics is also offered as a four-day course allowing for additional explorations of case studies.

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