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Spacecraft in Orbit

2021 Joint Special Issue of the Journal of Astropolitics and Space Policy

March 8, 2021

The research journals Astropolitics (U.S.) and Space Policy (U.K.) are excited to produce a joint Special Issue in 2021 titled Astropolitics: The Ecosystem of Space. Expected outcomes of this project are conducted and published research on the current state of Astropolitics, including trends, developments, and problems to address. The project includes two Global Forum Workshops to bring together research and practitioner experts to critically examine and discuss the state of Astropolitics, and the challenges therein.

The Special Issue will include papers published from the following thematic areas:

  • Astropolitics and strategic orientations of space powers.

  • Commons of space and the boundary problem in space governance and in space law.

  • Astropolitics in the developing world.

  • Trends and developments in commercial space.

  • Evolution and broadening of the concepts of space power.

  • Space, global environmental change, and sustainable development.

  • Entrepreneurship and business development in space.

  • Organizational and management challenges in space programs and projects.

  • Humanity as a spacefaring species.

  • Shift of authority from state to non-state actors in global space governance.

  • Civil space issues among space powers, and among developing and emergent space powers.

  • Traditional and non-traditional approaches to space security.

  • Dynamics of international space cooperation and competition.

  • Political, legal, and economic factors on the privatization of space activities.

  • Space debris and sustainability of space activities.

  • Ethics and cultural aspects of space exploration.

  • Multilateralism and regionalism of space activities.

  • Impact of Astropolitics on national space policy decision-making processes.

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